WG 01 – Knowledge and work experiences

Coordinators: Dra. Maria Clara Bueno Fischer (UFRGS), Dra. Maristela Vargas Losekann (UFRGS, Dr. José Newton Garcia de Araujo (PUC-Minas), Dra. Neusa Maria da Silva(FaE/UFMG, Dra. Mariana Cavaca Alves do Valle (FaE/UFMG) e Doutoranda Vanessa Aparecida Alves (FaE/UFMG)

Summary: The central theme of this workgroup is the knowledge of work experience. It is proposed to discuss the results of research and intervention in a workplace context. It starts with the hypothesis that, in their daily work experience, workers produce, mobilize, accumulate and transmit collective and singular knowledge and experiences. Research papers from various theoretical and methodological approaches are accepted, such as ergology, clinics f work, the psychodynamics of work, clinic of activity, psychosociology of work, work as an educational principle, the ecology of knowledge, among others.