WG 12 – Youth and the labor market: the transition from school to work and its consequences for social reproduction

Coordinators:  Prof. Dr. Diogo Henrique Helal (FUNDAJ); Profa. Dra. Jesuína Maria Pereira Ferreira (UNIFBV)

Summary: Brazilian social inequality has been the victim of a process that perpetuates itself across generations, namely, the early entry into the labor market which handicaps the chances of educational achievement and it restricts access to the labor market worth writing themselves into a vicious circle. Investment in education, initially, should be understood as an end in itself, namely, learning. However, levels of schooling of the population of a given country are crucial not only for their economic development but also for the quality of life of its population. In this respect, to the academic literature and public service managers, years of schooling and quality and if quality has been understood almost exclusively as a source of access to the labor market. This working group is focused exactly on the study of the context of the transition from school to work, here understood as done at any stage of the school system even concomitantly.