WG 25 – Crafts and professions

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. José Geraldo Pedrosa (CEFET-MG); Profa. Dra. Renata Bastos Ferreira Antipoff (IFMG); Prof. Dr. Antônio de Pádua Nunes Tomasi (CEFET-MG); Profa. Dra. Matilde Agero Batista (UFSJ)

Summary: Classical sociology emphasizes the importance of the process of formation of collective identities at work. Contemporary researchers show that these identities are associated with the production and organization of social inequalities. In this group should be discussed relations between the occupational and professional identities and inequalities among different social groups. Arts, crafts, and professionalism in diverse environments; Schooling and school practices of manual activities, the teaching of trades and professions through distance education; history of professional education, public policies for professional education, credentials, diplomas, experience.