WG 03 – Philosophy of technique and technology

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. José Aravena (UFJF); Prof. Dr. Bruno Vasconcelos de Almeida (PUC-MG)

Assistent: Ma. Juliana Pereira

Summary: The WG “Philosophy of Technique and Technology” proposes a transdisciplinary academic reflection between the philosophy of technology, the current scenario of technical/technological professions, and other fields of knowledge, with the aim of problematizing contemporary questions about technique and technology. The relationship between technology and politics, economics, culture, science, and subjectivity are among the group’s concerns. It is intended to discuss from the conceptualization and the relationship between the technical and technology concepts, until their articulation within the diverse professional contexts (as is the case of engineering and other professions of an inventive-productive character), considering the different fields of technological development current and its repercussions in guiding formative and normative processes, in promoting public policies, in the effects on employment/unemployment or in the dominant and alternative economic dynamics. Contributions are welcome from all areas that address, from the perspective of the philosophy of technique and technology, issues related to industry 4.0, society 5.0, Anthropocene, transhumanism, and contributions by classic authors in the area, as well as recent productions that problematize the current concerns and uncertainties scenario, such as, for example, the algorithms and the digital universe, the relationships between technologies and neoliberalism, biotechnologies, the relationship between philosophy and engineering, the intense investment in capturing contemporary subjectivities, material and objects’ culture, the narratives and imaginary that surround technological fights.

Keywords: Philosophy of Technique and Technology. Work. Transdisciplinarity. Subjectivity. Public policies.