A paper may have a maximum of three authors. An author may submit a maximum of four papers. The submission of two, three or four jobs entails the payment of a new entry for each job. Registration will be for work.
The author must carefully choose the WG to which he will submit his work. If the judges deem it appropriate, they may suggest the presentation of the work in another WG or to be presented in the Poster format. The works that do not have the format indicated below will be automatically rejected.


Experience exhibition or research in progress. Proposers for the presentation of Posters must necessarily send an article according to the instructions for Full Works, except for the number of pages that should not be less than 7 nor more than 10.

The submitted texts accompanying the approved Posters will be published as Full Papers in the annals of the event. Poster Template: Click Here


Exposure of experience or research completed or presenting significant results. The works approved in this modality will be object of oral presentation in the Working Groups and will be published in the annals of the event. The oral presentation will last ten minutes and five minutes for debate. This time may be extended at the discretion of the coordinator of the Working Group. The presentation may be accompanied by a banner or power point, but the use of these features can not increase the exposure time.

Instructions for the preparation and submission of Full Works / Poster. Click here and download the standards.