WG 10 – Work, policies, and social struggles

Coordinators: Profª. Dra. Patrícia Vieira Trópia (UFU); Prof. Dr. Davisson C. C. de Souza (UNIFESP)

Summary: The objective of the GT (Work Group) is to stimulate debates between Latin-American researchers of different areas, interested in discussing labor in their most varied forms (formal labor, informal, precarious, outsourced), unemployment and politics. The political organizations of the workers, their forms, instruments of struggle and claims are welcome as topics. Also, the topics relevant to the present GT (Work Group): the impact of governmental politics on struggle and laborer’s rights, the impact on economic and political changes on the organization of workers (especially the unions), the matter of unemployment and the movement of the unemployed, the relationship between the union’s movement and other social movements. We are interested in attracting researches that investigate the political struggles of female workers in Brazil and Latin America.