WG 18 – Teaching, learning, and social and human relationship in the educational context of the rural zone and riverside communities

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Esequiel Gomes da Silva (UFPA); Profa. Dra. Sandra Maria Job (UFPA)

Summary: The problems regarding education in Brazil are generally still challenging to be resolved in the 21st century. Specifically in this regard, this GT will encompass discussions involving challenges and developments in the education context, from primary to tertiary schools located in rural areas and riparian communities. The educational context here considers teaching, the student body, the working conditions for teachers, gender relations, teacher-student interactions, school infrastructure, modes of transportation, the training and qualifications of teachers, and other related topics. From an interdisciplinary perspective, the objective is to discover and reflect on various educational realities that live and survive on the edges of large urban centers.