WG 24 – Americanism, work, and education

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. José Geraldo Pedrosa (CEFET-MG); Prof. Dr. Flávio Raimundo Giarola (CEFET-MG)

Summary: Theoretical or empirical research on modernity, modernism, and modernization (Europe) versus Americaness, Americanization, and Americanisms (United States of America): cultural, economic, political and social differences between the old and new world. Implications of Americanism in Brazil: in the industrialization of the twentieth century, mass culture, religion, and religiosity, in educational institutions, in the media, business culture, science, social and individual behaviors, eating habits, in clothing, architecture, and others. Tacit and contractual relationships between the United States of America and the Federative Republic of Brazil. Attendance of Americanism in Brazilian school education. Americanism and Professional and Technological Education in Brazil.