WG 26 – Narratives of experience: professionalism and identity recognition

Coordinators: Profa. Dra. Maria da Conceição Passeggi (UFRN); Prof. Dr. Herve Breton (Université de Tours/França); Prof. Dr. Elizeu Clementino de Souza (UNEB); Profa. Dra. Ecleide Cunico Furlanetto (UNICID)

Summary: The notion of professionality represents an important inflection in the world of work today, necessarily implying a return on subjectivity. In this sense, learning experiences (labor, social, existential) constitute a pertinent basis for reflection, which may foster a better understanding of the processes of formation and how people appropriate their life-long experiences and daily experiences, draws lessons that can satisfaction personal and professional, ethically responsible. The WG intends to unite researchers who question the narratives of the experience (written, oral, digital, audiovisual), used with multiple purposes: a) as a qualitative research method; b) as a practice of training and reinventing oneself; c) as a peer review tool for entry into and/or promotion in the career path (memorials, dossiers for recognition of CSR knowledge and skills, portfolios, letters of intent, validation of acquired experience). One of the challenges of this research is to link these autobiographical narratives to the different approaches that have flourished in the Humanities, Social and Health Sciences. The focus of the debate, therefore, is on epistemological, theoretical-methodological aspects and issues related to memory, subjectivity, identity (professional, gender) that emerge from narratives of experience as inputs to research, training, insertion in culture and professional life. The WG aims to strengthen the biographical movement and its existing national and international research networks.