WG 32-The professions of teachers and students at the university: the pandemic experience and lessons learned.

Coordinators: Dra. Andrea Pujol (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina), Dr. Horacio Paulín, (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina) Dra. Mariana Veríssimo Soares de Aguiar e Silva (PUC-Minas/PROMESTRE-FAE/UFMG) Dra. Karine Vanessa Perez. (Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul – UNISC) Dr. Carlos Eduardo Carrusca Vieira. (PUC Minas)

The objective of the working group is to analyze the experiences and knowledge constructed by university teachers and students in the extraordinary circumstances that the pandemic produced; in conditions of vital precariousness. In this context, professors were called upon to develop emergency programs and advance the teaching of subjects through technological mediation and new forms of interaction, characterized by virtuality. For their part, students also had to adapt and recreate their professional knowledge, their collective ethos.

What happened in the pandemic was an encounter under unprecedented conditions, which made visible the risks and challenges for the construction of university activity. For this reason, the shared experience must be thought of in a dialogical key, from the teacher and student professions, in order to extract constructive and politically emancipatory learning.

In the framework of the critical analysis of professions, this group advocates a reflection on the following dimensions of the experience:

– Prescriptions, institutional policies and structures for monitoring and supporting teachers and students. Experiences of political participation and defense of rights in the university in the pandemic.

– Professional knowledges and forms of technology appropriation. Transformations in teaching and learning activities, knowledges and ways of technology appropriation.

– Study and teaching conditions and impacts on everyday life: experiences of teachers and students. New and old conflicts in peer sociabilities when participating in a virtualized education.

– Criteria for rethinking university education in the new scenarios: Working conditions, working relationships and pedagogical contracts.