WG 02 – Professional gestures and interculturality

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. M. Sébastien Pesce (Université d’ Orléans/França); Profa. Dra. Lucília Machado (UFMG); Prof. Dr. Antônio de Pádua Nunes Tomasi (CEFET-MG); Prof. Dr. Hervé Breton (Université de Tours/França)

Summary: Why observe and study professional gestures? Conceptual elements for thinking the professional gesture. The engendering of gesture in action. The language of gesture. Work situation, professional situation, and gesture. Professional gestures and social meanings. The attribution of personal senses to professional gestures. The process of developing professional gestures. The transmission of professional gestures. Pre-built professional gestures. Professional posture and gesture. Professional identity and gesture. Performance elements of the professional gesture. School gestures. Disciplinary gestures. The prescribed and the real. Gender and style. Professional routines. Challenges in the appropriation of the professional gesture. Culture, diversity, multiculturalism, transversality, interculturality and professional gesture.