WG 04 – Social studies of work, technology, and expertise: skills development at work

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Francisco de Paula Antunes Lima (UFMG); Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Ribeiro (UFMG)

Summary: The goal of this working group is to discuss theoretical research and action-research projects that aim at transforming the situation under analysis and that focus on the relationship between school and professional practices. The difference between competencies developed at school and professional competencies is fully recognized, as well as the difficulties faced when going through this passage between classrooms and workplaces. Therefore, we aim at discussing themes situated between school and work, such as

  1. The specifics of scholarly knowledge and professional expertise;
  2. The relationships between theoretical knowledge and, on the other hand, skills and practical or situated knowledge;
  3. Pragmatic knowledge or concepts;
  4. Transversal competencies or transferable skills;
  5. Instruments, intermediate/boundary objects, and learning situations that can support the transition between school and work.