WG 28 – Teacher work, training, and professionalization

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Dalmi Alcântara (IFG); Prof. Dr. Éder Alonso Castro (IFB)

Summary: Work: from practice to teaching praxis. The development of teacher´s identities, values, and professional positions. Relationship between professional identities, social recognition, and professional ethics. Culture, work, and professional identity of the teacher. Ethics as a mechanism of appreciation and professional recognition of teachers. The challenges of teaching work and cultural diversity. Collective actions and the valorization of professional work. Analysis of the working conditions of education professionals. The historical-cultural construction of teaching work. The importance of information technologies, communication in the formation of the identity and professional practices of teachers. The ethical-professional contributions of educators in the choice and professional training of students. Conflicts between generations of professionals in the teaching work environment.